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Meet Chelsea and Craig!  These two sweethearts were married at The Commons in Columbus, Indiana.

Here’s the beautiful Chelsea!

Public Service Announcement: If you can get ready in a room with some windows, that makes your images so much prettier!

That’s Craig there on the right.  He’s such a kind and thoughtful individual.

Meet Chelsea’s parents!  When she saw them at the hotel bar, she requested a photo of them together.

How gorgeous is this bride?!

Her dad secretly told me that he planned on giving Chelsea this troll after their first dance.  Chelsea and her dad used to play with trolls when she was a kid, so Ms. Troll had her own little photo shoot throughout the day (shhh!).

Selfies happening on the guys’ side.

Selfies happening on the ladies’ side.

Most of our brides are pretty serious while putting on their dress as they have a lot on their mind; however, this smile never left Chelsea’s face!

First look with her dad.

She showed off her dress, and he showed off his socks.

Time for the first look with Craig!

Gah!  That’s a favorite on the left.  We found all this greenery near their ceremony and just knew it would be the perfect spot for their first look. They walked a few blocks (in their wedding-day shoes) to see each other for the first time here!  Thanks for trusting us, friends.

They are so sweet to each other.

You guys are perfect.

Chelsea!  So pretty.  Love that you left your hair down.

Chelsea’s sister helped carry her dress and bouquet on her way to meet Craig.  Then she *discreetly – cough, cough* joined them for a few images.

Time for the groomsmen!  Definitely nailed the cool guy pose.

Ha!  I love this so much.

And the beautiful ladies!

And the whole party.

You guys!  I wish I could hug each one of you.  This wedding party also walked several blocks to meet up with Chelsea and Craig for wedding party images.  LOVE this party.

We made it back to The Commons.

Oh yeah!  Work it, guys.  Showing off those socks!

Ms. Troll wanted a little chocolate before the ceremony.

We had a little extra time in the schedule, so we were able to grab some portraits of Chelsea.  I’m dying over these.

I haven’t ever seen a real-life princess, but now I feel like I have. Chelsea, you radiate beauty.

And we didn’t forget Craig!  How handsome does this groom look?!

On the left, Ms. Troll became a bit greedy and stole their rings.  Don’t worry.  We wrestled them back from her and returned them to the right people before the ceremony.  On the right, Grandma arrived!

They had their guests each sign a piece of fabric, so they could create a quilt with all the pieces later.

It’s almost time!

Chelsea holding her mama’s hand before she walks down the aisle.

If I remember correctly, Chelsea told her dad that she needed to hear something funny because otherwise she was going to cry.  Whatever he told her worked!

Sometimes we choose black and white images over color because when you strip the color away, all that’s left is the emotion.

And he pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. McMuffin.  I mean Mr. and Mrs. McMurtrey!

After the ceremony, Nick tries to capture the wedding party walking down the aisle while I quietly follow the bride and groom to capture moments like those on the left.

Ms. Troll joining the receiving line.

During family pictures I may have bribed the flower girls with M&M’s to get some smiles.  Grandpa, here on the right, asked me why he didn’t get any M&M’s since he smiled in his pictures.  Love this guy.

Speeches from everyone in this image!  Chelsea’s dad explained that Chelsea is never on time for anything which is why she gave herself plenty of buffer time in her wedding-day schedule.  (P.S. – She rocked that schedule.)  He said there was only one time in her life when she was early for something and that was her birth.

Near the end of Craig’s best man’s speech, he said he had something private to share with everyone.  “Chelsea and Craig ARE EXPECTING!!…(long pause)….you to get on the dance floor!”

After the cake cutting, these two ladies were prepared and ready to take care of that cake.

Ms. Troll needed a drink before the first dances.

Ms. Troll finally made it into Chelsea’s hands.

Then it was time to party.

Nick’s shot on the left; mine on the right.  This flower girl’s reaction!!

Father-daughter dance on the left.  Sigh.  So much respect for this family.  On the right, doesn’t this beautiful bridesmaid look like Jasmine from Aladdin?!  Girl, you are the sweetest.  I will never forget your kind words at the end of the night.

YES!  Getting his groove on.

While their guests continued to party, we stole these two away from their reception for a few minutes.  Although it’s pretty awesome to be surrounded by hundreds of close family and friends, it’s also important to spend a little time alone as husband and wife.

On our walk back to their reception, Chelsea and I talked about how we both love the show Criminal Minds, but if it’s late at night after watching it we turn on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to go to sleep.  Anyone else do this?

They are going to England next year for their belated honeymoon.

Back to the party!

On the left, Craig dancing with his mom near the end of the night.

“But first, let me take a selfie.”

Last dance of the night.

Chelsea and Craig,

YOU GUYS.  I can’t even handle how much we adore you both.  We loved every. single. second. of your day.  Your family and friends are so kind, and you both are two of the most thoughtful and considerate people we have ever met.  Thank you for all of your patience.

Caitlynn & Nick

A little elevator romance.

Hi, Nick!


Meet Jessica and Zeph!  We met them at the fire station in Center Point, Indiana, for their engagement session.  

Gah!  I’m gushing over all your images, friends!

Jessica, you look so pretty and are simply beaming with happiness!

Zeph is such a good guy.  When I look at this image, the word “safe” comes to mind.  After getting to know Zeph, I can tell you that he genuinely cares about Jessica’s safety.

So many favorites!

They met each other through Chrysalis.

Why the fire station in Center Point you ask?  Well, because Zeph works there!

Nobody wears firefighter gear better than you two.

Stop it.  Seriously, you guys are way too cute!

Then we made our way inside the fire station for a few shots.  Love the moody look of these.

Know what they are having for dessert at their wedding?  Cobbler!!

Outfit and location change.  These last few take place on the land where Jessica grew up.

Love that dress.

In case you couldn’t tell, they are such a country-lovin’ couple.

Jessica requested a ring shot.  Why of course!

You guys!!

Zeph decided to propose on their three-year anniversary in Jessica’s backyard at the lake.  Right here!  (Side note: After Zeph proposed that evening, Jessica said I was the second person she called because she wanted to make sure I would have their date available to photograph their wedding.  WHAT?!  I’m crazy honored.)

Before Zeph proposed, Jessica told him that when she got a ring, she would get him a drone.  She kept her promise.

God provided a pretty amazing sky for us that evening.

Jessica and Zeph,

YOU GUYS!  Gah.  I love your relationship.  So happy you chose such meaningful places for your engagement session.  Thanks for seriously rocking your session.  We’re ready.  That’s right.  We’re ready for the wedding!

Caitlynn & Nick

I believe we tried to use our hoods to repel mosquitoes.  It wasn’t that effective.  (Sad face.)  On the right: Zeph showing Nick all those drone gadgets.  I think he wants one now.

August 13, 2017 - 11:53 am

Tina - I love these images guys! Love the connection with the fire dept! Beautiful images!


Meet Alisha and Christian!  We met up with this fun couple downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, for their engagement session.  

Love that look, Christian!

These two met through mutual friends at Indiana State University.  While talking to them, we found out we actually have friends in common with them!  Small world.

A little Indy magic.

Love this couple so much that we wish we could duplicate them!

Alisha, that smile!  Yes, please.

Love your love for each other.

We saw so many cool places while walking downtown Indianapolis. None of them cooler than Alisha and Christian though.  

Love that dress on her.

They’re getting married at The Sycamore Winery in Terre Haute, Indiana.  We’ve heard it’s a beautiful and classy location.  Can’t wait!

That’s right.  There is some greenery downtown Indy.

Christian proposed to Alisha at Garden of the Gods in Colorado.


Hello, color!  Is this where all the cool kids take pictures?

While Nick was taking this shot…

I was taking this one.

Girl, you’re so pretty!

Alisha and Christian,

Gah!  You guys are so sweet and adorable.  Thanks for walking (and walking and walking) during your engagement session.  We’re pumped for the big day!

Caitlynn & Nick

“Hey guys!  Let’s get a picture all together!”

Hmm..Can you find Nick on the left?


Meet Kelli and Adler!  We met up with these two cuties in Plainfield, Indiana, for their engagement session.

Adler is a sports reporter for the Tribune Star in Terre Haute, and Kelli just graduated from ISU with her nursing degree.  So many exciting events taking place for them! 

This guy was all smiles the whole evening.

I adore their outfit choices.

These two are friends with another couple we photographed – Shelbie and AJ!  Love all these connections.

Like I mentioned on Facebook, Kelli said that she wanted some flowers in her engagement pictures. We started their session in the city. Flowers in the city? Challenge accepted.

My shot on the left; Nick’s on the right.  I think Nick won.  This is one reason we love shooting together.  Same moment but two different perspectives.

Girl, that hat was made for you!

Ahhh!!! A favorite!

I’m so glad we turned the corner and found this blue wall.

As you can see, these two went to rival high schools.

And look at THESE outfits!

Guys, your love is contagious.

Umm…can we please take a moment to talk about Kelli’s hair.  Incredibly gorgeous.  I’m dying.

Adler had no idea Kelli was going to do this.  In fact, we told him that she was pretty far behind him and wasn’t moving.  Epic reaction, Adler.

Gah!  You guys are perfect.

The sun started setting.

We ended our session in an orchard.

Kelli and Adler,

You guys are the sweetest!  We adore you, your perfect outfits, and your incredible personalities.  We’re dying to shoot your wedding.  Can’t wait.

Caitlynn & Nick

Nick, I think that “Bride-to-be” bag is perfect for you.

Love shooting on this bridge.

We’ll shoot anywhere!  Yep, even a First National Bank.


August 4, 2017 - 4:28 pm

Chrissy - They are so dang cute!! Love her romper-dress!!

August 4, 2017 - 5:03 pm

Angie - What an adorable couple! I love this whole session!

August 7, 2017 - 1:35 pm

Megan Danser - Loooove the locations and love their outfits!!! Such a cute couple. Great job!

August 8, 2017 - 9:16 pm

Natalie - You’ve captured their love so evidently. And seriously, how cute is she in that hat?!?! Adorable!


It’s wedding time for Shandi and Jeremy!  

This couple was classy and country.  Friends, when planning your big day, make your wedding YOURS.

Shandi surprised Jeremy with his own personal hanger that also said, “Suit up.”  If your a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you guys know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you are a little lost right now (or just want to watch a 17 second clip of the show), click here -> SUIT UP! 

It’s Shandi!

Shandi, I love that you wore these boots to your hair and makeup appointment.  Thank you for being YOU.

Throwing those glasses on to see her beautiful face.  Fun story: Shandi planned on wearing contacts for her wedding day; however, she forgot to order them.  The morning of the big day, she stole two contacts from her brother.  Shhh!!  He doesn’t know.  What makes it even better is she took two of his left eye contacts since they were closer to her prescription.  So now her brother has three right eye contacts and one left eye contact.

Meet Shandi’s parents.  This was the gift she surprised them with.

Before she put on her wedding dress, she nonchalantly poured herself a bowl of cereal and ate a little snack.  Love this bride.

Here’s Jeremy!

Doesn’t he have such a great smile?!

Left: Shandi’s wearing her grandmother’s wedding dress.  Right:  Oh, that’s right!  Even her garter was Disney themed.  In case you didn’t know, these two are huge Disney fans.

First look.

Same moment.  My shot on the left.  Nick’s on the right.

You’re rockin’ it, Jeremy.

Such a classy look, you guys.

One of my favorites.  Shandi, you look so beautiful.

If you missed their engagement blog, click here.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Those colors!

Having a moment with Dad.

They each brought a picture of their own parents on their wedding day.

And here are their parents now!  Lookin’ good, guys!

It’s always great to have someone in place to fluff your wedding dress before you walk down the aisle.  Fun story:  The lady on the left told me that the night before she got married, she went to bed while her mom ironed her wedding dress; however, her mom completely scorched the bottom portion of it.  Her mom quickly embroidered some flowers and sequins over the scorched part.  When she got up the next morning, her mom told her that she just thought the dressed needed a little extra something.  She didn’t find out what really happened until several years later.

Hello, perfect day.  Thanks for showing up for us.

They couldn’t stop smiling!

Oh yeah!  That’s right.  They’re married!

After the ceremony, lots of hugs.  They also had someone play guitar for them during the ceremony instead of hooking up an iPod.

Wedding party!

This flower girl was all about lifting up her dress.

Another favorite.

Bustling that dress.

First dance.

Father-daughter and mother-son.  Notice the tissues in his mom’s hand.  Always gotta have those ready.

Then it was time to party!  P.S. – That pretty lady on the right.  That’s Shandi’s person.  (If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you get that.)

Yep, even if you can’t physically attend the wedding, we’ll still get a picture of you together.

Oh my heart!  Love these precious couples so much.  We have photographed all of their weddings.  Since we were all in the same place, I requested a quick shot together.  Thank you all!

Hi there, cute couple!

Your reception was so much fun.

I feel like he should be saying, “Bond…James Bond.”

Center: Wade from Shaye and Wade’s wedding.  Right: Nathan from Micaiah and Nathan’s wedding.

Jeremy, you have the best group of friends.

Shandi, you are adorable.

Shandi and Jeremy,

Thank you for being YOU.  We had the best time with you both and so appreciate your patience.  Love telling the story of your day.  Enjoy marriage.

July 31, 2017 - 4:58 am

Jodie Travis - McCamera! You never disappoint!! Love the photos!!!!❤️

July 31, 2017 - 1:51 pm

Megan Danser - I LOVE these!!!! Gorgeous details and portraits. I love the photo of them holding their parent’s wedding day photos. Brilliant idea!!

August 4, 2017 - 4:25 pm

Chrissy - Goodness, this looks like such a fun day!!! You captured this perfectly!

August 4, 2017 - 4:57 pm

Angie - Beautiful images of a gorgeous wedding day!!

August 8, 2017 - 9:09 pm

Natalie - They’re so adorable!!! That HIMYM quote… yasssss! Great job capturing their love, Caitlynn.