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Remember that fire station engagement shoot with Jessica and Zeph? They’re baaack! It’s wedding time!

Hello, gorgeous dress! Just wait until you all see it on Jessica.

First stop – getting that hair styled. Jessica had her maid of honor’s mother style her hair for the big day. They have all been family friends for quite a while. 

See Jessica’s mother there in the mirror? Yes, for moments like this! Jessica spent part of her morning chatting and hanging out with her bridesmaids. Such a relaxed and easygoing bride. She is also a very thoughtful individual. After getting her hair done, she drove to the funeral home to pay her respects to someone who passed away in the community. I don’t know of too many brides who would stop to do that on their wedding day.
Finalizing that makeup!
Here’s Zeph! Workin’ that tie.
Zeph is an incredibly hard worker and downright funny. You should meet him.
Boots were the perfect choice for their wedding.
Well, look at that! They used several images from their engagement session as decorations.
They not only used the firetruck for their engagement session, they also brought it to the ceremony! So cool.
STOP IT! Cuteness overload! Meet Rae, a.k.a. the flower girl. These gals are two peas in a pod.
Bridesmaid Brandi putting the finishing touches on her hair.
Jessica’s mom placed her necklace on her.
It started storming when it was time to start pictures. We took advantage of that time and grabbed some indoor portraits! I’m obsessed with that second picture of you, Jessica!
Since the rain let up a bit, it was time for the first look. Zeph waiting on Jessica to tap him on the shoulder. Maybe he’s straightening his tie?
There she is!!
These two met each other through Chrysalis.
A favorite!
Love this one of you, Zeph.
Oh my gosh. I adore this shot so much. You look crazy beautiful, Jessica.
How stinkin’ pretty are these bridesmaids?!
The cold. The rain. The wind. Nope, that didn’t stop them from this picture! They embraced the rain on Jessica and Zeph’s wedding day! That rain is part of Jessica and Zeph’s story, and I love that their photos show that. That’s one of our goals – telling your story.

Side note: I needed a little more room behind me to get the whole wedding party in the picture, but there was a car in my way.
Me: Gosh, I wish I could move this car.
Kayla (second bridesmaid from the left): Oh, that’s my car!
Me: (getting excited) Awesome! Can I sit on it?

She let me! Thanks for making this photo happen, Kayla.
(No cars were harmed in the making of this image.)
Brother/sister (ring bearer/flower girl) hugs. And this classy, young lady (Jamison) always had a smile as she greeted the guests.
Jessica’s mother making sure her dad (Jessica’s grandfather) is ready to walk his granddaughter down the aisle.
They were married at Carbon Baptist Church.
Jessica’s mom joined them when they reached the end.
In this little town, everyone seems to know these two – Char and Ray Chamberlain. And everyone seems to know them because of their kind hearts. As I was walking behind them, I glanced down and caught this. Holding hands as they watch Jessica and Zeph hold hands during their ceremony.
Just look at that smile!
Braiding a cord of three strands.
Jessica and Zeph decided to personally greet each row after their ceremony. So many hugs!
THIS was their getaway vehicle!
The More the Merrier had dinner and dessert set up when everyone arrived at the reception venue. They had cobbler and ice cream for guests! See, you can break that cake tradition! Fun Fact: Nick and I served Subway cookies at our reception instead of cake because we met at Subway.
We grabbed a few more shots of the now Mr. and Mrs. Smith before those first dances.
Girl, you are glowing with happiness.
The whole gang!
Eeekkk!! I’m in love with this shot, ladies.
First dance.
First dance with Grandpa.
Dancing with his mama.
Jessica also danced with her mom.
Then everyone swapped! Zeph danced with Jessica’s mom and Zeph’s mom danced with Jessica’s grandpa. AND Jessica danced with Zeph’s dad. See?? Everyone’s already one big happy family.
Cuteness overload AGAIN!
Wish I was dressed as fashionably as those two cute little ladies.Broken foot? That doesn’t stop these bridesmaids from dancing!
It was a good night.
Winners of the anniversary dance which means they’ve been married the longest of anyone attending!
Zeph’s parents. Love these two.
I’m pretty sure it was this exact moment when I saw Zeph start to take off his tie, I threw my hand up in the air like I was holding a stop sign, and said, “Wait!” Then I asked him if he would mind to take a couple more pictures outside. His response? “I’ll do whatever Jessica wants!” Now that’s a good guy. They did! And they were hardcore troopers because it was COLD that evening. Thanks, friends!
Jessica and Zeph,

Thank you for rocking the rain, the cold, and your entire day! It was such an honor to photograph your wedding. I’m so glad you made it your day with the cobbler & ice cream, firetruck, and boots. We so appreciate your patience.

Caitlynn & Nick

Recognize this shot? When it started storming, we opted for a few indoor portraits.

Nick’s always sneaking up behind grandmas. Photographed BOTH of these brides! Remember beautiful Andi from Andi and Ryan’s wedding?
Oh, this is just Nick being Nick. My parents were actually guests at this wedding and as they were getting ready to leave, Nick gave my mom a hug. Well, she thought it was a hug, but he started to dance with her. P.S. The guy laughing in the background. That’s my dad.



Kayla and Andrew are back for their wedding at the Sheraton City Centre in Indianapolis, Indiana! I’m head-over-heels in love with this day and these people. Start scrolling! You’ll see! 

Kayla saved one of their wedding invitations and brought it with her so I could include them in her detail shots. Girl, you are on it!  

I had a perfect view of Monument Circle while photographing her dress.

And here’s the beautiful Kayla!  Oh, and future brides! If you’re looking for a makeup artist, Stephanie Bennett did a wonderful job. You can view her work and follow her on Instagram by clicking here

LipSense has been a big hit at several of our weddings this year. If you’re looking to try it or add more to your collection, send a message to Kayla and she’ll hook you up!  (That’s right! I have all kinds of recommendations today!) The girls. The guys. Here’s Andrew! It’s your wedding day, man!
Reading a letter from his bride-to-be.
He’s ready. Let’s do this.
This is Andrew’s mom right after Kayla gave her this necklace. It says, “You have held him in your arms, you have taught him to love, you have prayed over him. I promise to do the same from this day forward.”
Gah! Kayla, you are stinkin’ gorgeous.
Kayla’s mom helping her with those finishing touches.
First look with Dad.
Nope. I can’t get over this bridesmaid picture. DYING. You girls were amazing.
This also happened. I had to include it.
Ahhh!!! I’m squealing over all the pretty!
KAYLA. No words.
Hey there, boys! Don’t you all look handsome!
I don’t even need to say how entertaining this crew was!
Looking dapper, Andrew.
And then there was more of this! (Love it, guys. Love it.)
Hi, beauty.
Waiting with her dad for her turn to walk down the aisle.
My view on the left. Nick’s view on the right.
Kayla said that she didn’t want to spend any money decorating a room that they were only going to use for a few minutes. Umm, nice choice! I think it’s beautiful just as it is.
Then we jumped outside and grabbed some shots of the wedding party with the Indianapolis skyline behind them. Yes, please.
Love every single one of you.
That’s right! Kiss your beautiful wife!
That face!
Uggghhh!! Love this shot so much.
Ahhh!!! And this one.
We can’t thank couples enough when they fully trust us with their images. Kayla and Andrew, THANK YOU!
Rocking those portraits, of course.
What?! Andrew, I’m so glad we took a couple more shots of you before running inside to the reception!
If you ever get married at the Sheraton in Indianapolis, you must ask for Angela Lyons. She was their wedding coordinator, and I must say that she was absolutely amazing at her job.
Speeches. Makes you want to be there, right?
First dance.
And first dance with Kayla’s father and Andrew’s mother.
Remember Karissa? That gorgeous senior we photographed in Greencastle, Indiana? That’s her right there! Andrew’s sister and one of Kayla’s bridesmaids.
Your reception rocked.
I especially love all these dancing images of Kayla and Andrew because that’s how they met. If you don’t remember from their engagement blog, Andrew saw Kayla at a concert and thought, “Woah, that girl is stunning!” He walked up to her (a stranger!) and asked her to dance. The rest is history!
Andrew and his sister both became a little emotional while dancing together.
And some people showed their emotions in other ways. Ha!
Kayla dancing with her mama there on the left.
Hugs from her sweet ring bearer.
What a wonderful night it was!
Kayla and Andrew,

I cannot say enough good things about you two. Really. Your kindness. Your hospitality. Your trust in us. Your patience. Consider this a great big hug from us. We were honored to photograph your day and your love. Congrats, friends!

Caitlynn & Nick
Nick showing the guys how to pin a boutonniere.  Awe, Kayla. You’re the sweetest.


Meet Jackie and Cody! We met this dashing couple in Paris, Illinois, for their engagement session. 

And how about those outfits?! So classy. If you remember Ashley and Will’s wedding, you remember Cody! He was Will’s best man, and that’s the same suit he wore as best man! Pretty cool that those groomsmen kept their suits. (P.S. – Shout-out to Ashley and Will for sharing your friends with us!)

Loving all the color we found in Paris.  Jackie, you look absolutely gorgeous. 

Woo-woo!! Look at those pearly whites! 

I couldn’t stop smiling because THEY couldn’t stop smiling! 

Cody was such a gentleman. Carrying his bride-to-be so she didn’t fall. 

As we mentioned on our Instagram Stories, we met a lot of people on our shoot!
1. As Nick was shouting out poses for Jackie and Cody, these two passed by and shouted out some new poses too.
2. This man said, “You can use a beautiful tree in my yard for pictures if you want.”
3. We also ran into one of Jackie’s good friends! She’s going to be in the wedding!

Gah! Don’t you love them already?! 

JACKIE!! I’ve fallen in love with this image of you. 

And how perfect is this? Jackie works at a pharmacy in town! (When I met Jackie and Cody, they joked about bringing their career outfits to the shoot. Jackie a pharmacist and Cody a police officer. Then Nick thought that while they were in their uniforms, we should take a picture of Cody arresting Jackie for selling drugs. Oh, Nick!)

Look who else we met!! Kip! 

Their baby, Kip, was such a good dog. They said that he even has his own boots and Halloween outfit. 

Next, we traveled to Jackie’s hometown church for a change of scenery.

And, of course, Kip joined us! 

I can’t tell you how much fun we had with these two! 

We took a small hike to this waterfall. Well, sometimes it’s a waterfall. The water just happened to be dried up on this day, but it’s still so beautiful. Nice call, Jackie!

See?? Cody’s still carrying his lady!

Cuddling. Yes, please. 

Oh, Kip! 

Eeeekkk!! So pretty. 

We ended their session with some dancing in a field.

Quick story! After their session ended and they drove away, we stayed at the church for a bit to air up one of our tires. A few minutes later, Jackie pulls back into the church to make sure we knew how to get back home. That’s how thoughtful they are! Jackie left, drove several miles away, was worried about us finding our way home, turned around, and drove all the way back to the church. WHAT?! We have the sweetest couples. 

Jackie and Cody,

YOU GUYS! We’re beyond thrilled to photograph your wedding day! I already have a huge smile on my face. Thank you for being such kind, thoughtful, and easygoing individuals.

Caitlynn & Nick

Click HERE to view this couple’s behind-the-scene Instagram Story from their day! (You can follow us on Instagram by clicking here or at @mccameraphotography)


Meet Jenna and Keith! We met this cute couple in Zionsville, Indiana, on a chilly 33-degree day for their engagement session.Okay, I simply adore the way Jenna is all curled up next to Keith. Like I mentioned on our Facebook page, these two cuties met at Purdue University through a musical performance. Jenna was talking to Keith and said, “I absolutely love the solo performance! Do you know who sings it?” Keith replied, “It’s me!”

Keith is a mechanical engineer, and Jenna graduated with an animal science degree. 

Warming up those hands on Keith’s cheeks! While Nick and I were bundled up in coats, hats, and gloves, these two braved that cold like champions!
A favorite! We’re so pumped to photograph their wedding in Carmel, Indiana, at the Ritz Charles.

While we were walking around town, Keith’s cell phone kept buzzing in Nick’s coat pocket. (Side note: We often hold onto our couples’ phones and keys so you don’t see the outline of them in their pockets for their images.) Nick said, “Man, you must be a popular guy!” Keith informed us that it was probably his Fantasy Football Team since he’s in one of two groups with 17 of his family members. So Keith, how did your team do?

Love all the color we found on our walk! (P.S. – Jenna, I’m obsessed with your hair!)

Awe, you two! Love the way you interact with each other. 

Girl, you are so pretty. 

Friends, do you remember the senior session we shot with the waterfall? That was Jenna’s SISTER, Damaria! How lucky are we to get to photograph this whole family?Interested in some behind-the-scenes footage? We try to post several of those clips to our Instagram Stories. You can view the clips from Jenna and Keith’s session at the end of the blog!  (All that yellow, yes please!)
Then we changed the scenery a bit and grabbed some sky shots. Thanks for climbing a huge hill, friends!

Meet Lacy! They made sure to keep their fur baby warm when it was time for family pictures! Also, this turned out to be a perfect location for them since Jenna and Keith kinda have a thing for cattails (and dog tails like Lacy’s!).

We learned that Jenna is incredibly talented at riding horses. Keith informed us that Jenna was being modest when she was telling us about it and talented is an understatement. He said that she’s probably at an Olympic level. She’s even rode with someone who was in the Olympics if I remember correctly. (You guys are so great at complimenting each other!) Ughhhh!!! So good! Obsessed with these last few. Your smiles. The light. That field. 

Gorgeous, girl. 

And if you’re a Disney fan, you’d be interested to know that Keith helped design the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs ride at Disney World! After finding that out, Nick looked at Keith and said, “Man, so you’re like every girl’s dream!” *Jenna nods her head.*

Nope, I can’t get enough of you two. 

Jenna’s only shot requests below. My shot.Exact same moment – Nick’s shot.
The session was over. We started walking back to our vehicles, and Keith looks at Jenna and says, “Hey, want to go frolicking through the field!?” And they did. Gah! Stop it. You guys are the cutest.

Jenna and Keith,

Really. I can’t get enough of you guys. Perfection. Thanks for freezing your tushies off and sharing your love with us. Cannot wait for the big day.

Caitlynn & Nick

Click HERE to view this couple’s behind-the-scene Instagram Story from their day! (You can follow us on Instagram by clicking here or at @mccameraphotography)


Kasey and Nick are back on the blog for their wedding! We’ve been incredibly excited to share these images with you all. Beautiful, yet comfy shoes for the win!
When Kasey’s mama arrived, she gave Kasey a few gems that belonged to her grandmother like the handkerchief below.
Kasey’s makeup and hair stylist worked it all morning! Props to her!
Her sweet bridesmaids created a book with all their engagement images that we took on Indiana University’s campus. Girls, you rock! P.S. – If you missed their engagement images, click here.
Writing a letter to Nick, her husband-to-be! 

This embrace happened right after Kasey gave her mom a gift.
Don’t you just love those robes?! Ladies, you look fabulous! Side note: I could listen to your hilarious stories all day!

Kasey’s mom and sister helped her into her wedding dress. 

First look with her bridesmaids! 

There’s the handsome gents! Nick, you’ve got a good group of guys. 

As soon as all the ladies finished getting ready, we headed over to Garfield Park. This is where Kasey had a first look with her father. Can you see how much they love each other? They had an emotional moment, and those hankies came out.

Nick, you sure do look stylish!

Kasey and Nick also opted for a first look because the sun set about thirty minutes after their ceremony; otherwise, they wouldn’t have had any of these beautiful outdoor pictures! 

Gah! Dying over this one. 

You guys could not look any more amazing than you did! 

Love the bridge location for this moment as well. It was perfect.  

Then we gathered up the wedding party and grabbed these shots! Seriously though, these bridesmaids and groomsmen were incredible. Thanks for being up for anything, friends. 

Kasey and Nick, your faces! 

A favorite! You all look STUNNING. 

Then the guys headed off to the venue while I snapped some shots of these beauties. That’s Kasey and her gorgeous sister there on the right. 

Ugghhh!!! I can’t get over your beauty, ladies. 

There was a request to get a picture of each hair style. How stinkin’ gorgeous are these?! 

Then it was time for a few more portraits of these two lovebirds. So many favorites! 

And look at that bouquet! I’m sure that Kasey gained muscles from carrying it around all day.

That smile on your man! 

Kasey, you are can’t-pick-my-jaw-off-the-ground gorgeous. 

She picked the perfect garter since they met at IU. 

Getting ready to walk down the aisle. 

The groomsmen made quite an entrance. Instead of walking down the aisle, they pulled up in these fashionable golf carts.Married at Valle Vista in Greenwood, Indiana. 

Pictures are wonderful, but the stories behind those snapshots are even better. Even without any information, I would still adore this image. Right? Kasey and Nick walking down the aisle right after they’ve gotten married. Big smiles on their faces!

Let’s rewind just a few seconds. Their officiant just pronounced them husband and wife, they joined hands, and started walking down the aisle; however, what didn’t happen was the kiss! The moment everyone was waiting for. Several people quickly turned to each other wondering what was happening. Then right as Kasey and Nick made it to the middle of the aisle, their officiant shouted, “Oh, and you may kiss your bride!” They stopped right where they were, had a pretty epic kiss, and everyone cheered. And THIS image is the moment right after the kiss.

Are you kidding me with all this happiness?! Celebrating right after the ceremony.  And the celebrating continues!
Meet Nick’s mom and dad! As the sun was setting, we had about five minutes left for a few more portraits of these two. So glad we took advantage of that time! Oh, Nick!
This wedding party prepared some pretty epic entrances!
Speeches. “I’ve gotcha covered. I’ll dry your tears.”
First dance.First dance with dad. Kasey’s father has some moves! Showing the crowd how to do the Dougie. Not sure how? Just ask Kasey’s father….or view this videoNick dancing with his mama. We caught him red-handed, stealing all the candy!

Oh goodness! How precious is this!?

Woah! Déjà vu! Recognize this guy? He also showed up in Mackenzie and Tyler’s blog for their reception. You’ve nailed that pose! 

Told ya! This crew knew how to party! 

Three generations right there! 

Ha! Nick (my Nick) watched this guy walk forward, turn around, walk backward, look around with a confused look on his face, and then say, “I don’t know anyone here! I must be in the wrong reception room.” (Side note: Valle Vista holds multiple receptions at the same time in different rooms.) Nick asked him if he could grab a picture of him, and he gave this pose! I just love people. 

The party continued until it was closing time. 

Kasey and Nick,

You two are fabulous. Absolutely incredible. Thank you for going with the flow and trusting us on such an important day. It was an honor to be able to tell the story of your day. Keep on being YOU!

Caitlynn & Nick