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Kasey and Nick are back on the blog for their wedding! We’ve been incredibly excited to share these images with you all. Beautiful, yet comfy shoes for the win!
When Kasey’s mama arrived, she gave Kasey a few gems that belonged to her grandmother like the handkerchief below.
Kasey’s makeup and hair stylist worked it all morning! Props to her!
Her sweet bridesmaids created a book with all their engagement images that we took on Indiana University’s campus. Girls, you rock! P.S. – If you missed their engagement images, click here.
Writing a letter to Nick, her husband-to-be! 

This embrace happened right after Kasey gave her mom a gift.
Don’t you just love those robes?! Ladies, you look fabulous! Side note: I could listen to your hilarious stories all day!

Kasey’s mom and sister helped her into her wedding dress. 

First look with her bridesmaids! 

There’s the handsome gents! Nick, you’ve got a good group of guys. 

As soon as all the ladies finished getting ready, we headed over to Garfield Park. This is where Kasey had a first look with her father. Can you see how much they love each other? They had an emotional moment, and those hankies came out.

Nick, you sure do look stylish!

Kasey and Nick also opted for a first look because the sun set about thirty minutes after their ceremony; otherwise, they wouldn’t have had any of these beautiful outdoor pictures! 

Gah! Dying over this one. 

You guys could not look any more amazing than you did! 

Love the bridge location for this moment as well. It was perfect.  

Then we gathered up the wedding party and grabbed these shots! Seriously though, these bridesmaids and groomsmen were incredible. Thanks for being up for anything, friends. 

Kasey and Nick, your faces! 

A favorite! You all look STUNNING. 

Then the guys headed off to the venue while I snapped some shots of these beauties. That’s Kasey and her gorgeous sister there on the right. 

Ugghhh!!! I can’t get over your beauty, ladies. 

There was a request to get a picture of each hair style. How stinkin’ gorgeous are these?! 

Then it was time for a few more portraits of these two lovebirds. So many favorites! 

And look at that bouquet! I’m sure that Kasey gained muscles from carrying it around all day.

That smile on your man! 

Kasey, you are can’t-pick-my-jaw-off-the-ground gorgeous. 

She picked the perfect garter since they met at IU. 

Getting ready to walk down the aisle. 

The groomsmen made quite an entrance. Instead of walking down the aisle, they pulled up in these fashionable golf carts.Married at Valle Vista in Greenwood, Indiana. 

Pictures are wonderful, but the stories behind those snapshots are even better. Even without any information, I would still adore this image. Right? Kasey and Nick walking down the aisle right after they’ve gotten married. Big smiles on their faces!

Let’s rewind just a few seconds. Their officiant just pronounced them husband and wife, they joined hands, and started walking down the aisle; however, what didn’t happen was the kiss! The moment everyone was waiting for. Several people quickly turned to each other wondering what was happening. Then right as Kasey and Nick made it to the middle of the aisle, their officiant shouted, “Oh, and you may kiss your bride!” They stopped right where they were, had a pretty epic kiss, and everyone cheered. And THIS image is the moment right after the kiss.

Are you kidding me with all this happiness?! Celebrating right after the ceremony.  And the celebrating continues!
Meet Nick’s mom and dad! As the sun was setting, we had about five minutes left for a few more portraits of these two. So glad we took advantage of that time! Oh, Nick!
This wedding party prepared some pretty epic entrances!
Speeches. “I’ve gotcha covered. I’ll dry your tears.”
First dance.First dance with dad. Kasey’s father has some moves! Showing the crowd how to do the Dougie. Not sure how? Just ask Kasey’s father….or view this videoNick dancing with his mama. We caught him red-handed, stealing all the candy!

Oh goodness! How precious is this!?

Woah! Déjà vu! Recognize this guy? He also showed up in Mackenzie and Tyler’s blog for their reception. You’ve nailed that pose! 

Told ya! This crew knew how to party! 

Three generations right there! 

Ha! Nick (my Nick) watched this guy walk forward, turn around, walk backward, look around with a confused look on his face, and then say, “I don’t know anyone here! I must be in the wrong reception room.” (Side note: Valle Vista holds multiple receptions at the same time in different rooms.) Nick asked him if he could grab a picture of him, and he gave this pose! I just love people. 

The party continued until it was closing time. 

Kasey and Nick,

You two are fabulous. Absolutely incredible. Thank you for going with the flow and trusting us on such an important day. It was an honor to be able to tell the story of your day. Keep on being YOU!

Caitlynn & Nick

Smith Family

Meet the Smith family! Before fall left us, we captured this beautiful family of four at Deming Park in Terre Haute, Indiana. Jackson has such a bright personality! Love this kid.
That first shot – showing off his superhero powers!
Meet Jackson’s little brother! Gah! I’m dying over how precious he is.
Don’t you love all those fall colors?
Dear Mom & Dad, Thanks for being down with our strange ideas like rubbing those foreheads together!
Is this your thinking face, Jackson?
Then we snapped some shots of Mom and Dad having some individual time with their kiddos.  KISSES! Yes, please.
The sun peeked out for a bit.
When you’re hungry, you’re hungry.
Jackson brought along a special friend to join him on the shoot. He hid his superhero friend under some leaves, twenty minutes pass, and out of the thousands of leaves, Mom still remembers exactly which leaf Jackson’s toy is under. Stephanie, you are a superhero mom!
Favorite family shot! We couldn’t leave without getting some pictures of these two together.
I could just pinch those adorable red cheeks.
You guys are so cute. While Nick was photographing Mom and Dad, I was hanging out with these two speedsters!Gah! Big brother/little brother love.
Know what? Sometimes we don’t even want your eyes open for pictures! When you look back at an image, we want you to remember the feeling of that moment.

Smith family,

Thanks for hanging out with us on a beautiful fall day! We are so thankful we were able to meet your wonderful family and capture some smiles and love.

Caitlynn & Nick


Meet Macey! This beauty is graduating from Northview High School in Brazil, Indiana, in a few short months.  Eeekkk! May 2018. 

We started off with a few shots in the city. Like I mentioned when I posted her image on our Facebook page, seniors, you do you. Bring the style that represents you and wear it proudly. I’m so glad Macey did. (P.S. – I’m a bit obsessed with these first three blue wall shots.) Outfit change! This girl rocked multiple locations and FIVE outfits in one hour. WHAT?!? I think she has superpowers. If you had an extra $100 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do? “Invest it.”  (Woo, hoo! Smart girl.)
Favorite breakfast food: bacon.
Don’t you love her style?Ending with one of my favorites from the city. Those eyes! That grin! She wanted the majority of her session to take place in nature. I found a field fairly close to the city, and boy, did Macey ever work it! Look at that smile!
We timed that sunset perfectly.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? “Yellow.”
Favorite place: the mountains.
You can only watch one TV show the rest of your life. Which one is it? “That ‘70s Show
She had to get a quick picture with her coffee thermos because I heard she doesn’t ever leave home without it. Then, THIS happened! She brought along her adorable pup and grabbed a few shots together. Sigh. How cute!
So glad you brought that hat, Macey!
Favorite thing about yourself:  my humor.
Macey’s sweet mama jumped in a few images. Yes, please!
By the way, it was close to 30 degrees when we shot this session. Macey was definitely a trooper! What do you hope to be doing in 20 years? “Hopefully working either in the medical field or as a pharmaceutical representative.”
So beautiful and fierce! Her mom let me know that she has a free spirit. I think it really shines in these images. God painted this beautiful sky right before we all left.

You are so beautiful. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to photograph such an important time in your life (and witness your speedy outfit-changing ability!) I’m sure you will rock at whatever you do in life, and I can’t wait to see!



Mackenzie and Matt are back on our blog for their wedding! Whoop, whoop!

Here’s the hilarious, full-of-energy, beautiful Mackenzie!
On the left, she’s showing off a necklace Matt gave her. On the right, her little sister giving her a big ol’ hug. 

Here’s Matt! Getting ready in the room next door. 

Ha! Love this. All his groomsmen watching him get his hair ready! 

YES! Favorite! Mackenzie had a first look with her dad. There weren’t too many dry eyes around.

Ladies, you are gorgeous! 

In the group picture, I just love how Mackenzie and her sister are holding hands.  Check out that bouquet! I feel like these images are beautiful, bright, and vibrant, exactly like Mackenzie’s personality.  Mackenzie, her dad, and her stepdad had a surprise dance for everyone. They decided to get one last practice in. Mom giving her a kiss before it’s time for the ceremony to start. Ha! Love this! Everyone’s lined up and ready to go, and Mackenzie wanted a peek. (I would have too!) Their officiant, not only married them, but also played the violin for the processional. On the right, this is the engagement image they chose for their sand ceremony. When I saw it, I couldn’t have smiled any bigger! It totally represents their exuberant and fun relationship! 

Mackenzie had her dad and stepdad walk her down the aisle. 

They were married at The Landing at Fort Harrison in Terre Haute, Indiana. They did it!  When I peeked around the corner, I saw this little moment happening.  We gathered up this beautiful crew for a few wedding party shots.  A favorite! They rocked those group shots. In fact, they rocked them so much that about ten seconds after that last shot Mackenzie’s little sister (right there in the front), fell down face first into the ground. Matt immediately picked her up and gave her the biggest hug.
The sun started setting just as it was time for Mackenzie and Matt’s pictures.
Ughhh!! How gorgeous are these! You guys were amazing!  Oh, look! ANOTHER favorite!
 One of the many faces of Mackenzie.  First dance. They had their wedding party stand on the dance floor with them as they danced. Grandma getting her shots.Some very unforgettable toasts!
 First dance with her dad and stepdad. Remember that surprise dance they were working on earlier? Yeah, it was a hit! (You can view a small clip of it on our Instagram Story Video at the end of the blog.)

First dance with his mom. 

When it was time for the dollar dance, Mackenzie’s mom walked up and swiped her credit card. These two were a hoot! 

I could’ve watched them all day. 

If you have forgotten their engagement session, click here!

Right after signing the marriage license.

Sparkler exit courtesy of Cory Starcher with Dream Weddings

Mackenzie and Matt,

What an unforgettable day! We just love your relationship, carefree attitude, and kindness. What a pleasure it was to share your story and photograph your love.

Caitlynn & Nick

Instagram story helper, Chloe, was back for this wedding!

Always enjoy working with DJ Cory. You must ask him about adding on that sparkler exit! 

Click HERE to view this couple’s behind-the-scene Instagram Story from their day! (You can follow us on Instagram by clicking here or at @mccameraphotography)


This fun-loving couple is back! Get ready to see Nikki and Bobby again for their wedding!

Giving some lovins’ to one of her seven flower girls.

On the left, her sister giving her a picture frame with an image of Nikki and her dad dancing together. On the right, roses delivered to Nikki from Bobby the morning of their wedding.

Time to start getting ready. How beautiful is Nikki?! 

Nick met up with the guys to grab some shots of them getting ready. Here’s Bobby! 

He wore that smile well (and all day)! 

Best man. Look at that grin! 

Finishing touches!

Nikki’s mom and Bobby’s mom helped with the dress process. 

Ring bearer and flower girl elevator craziness! 

Hey there,  handsome crew!

Nick finished up the guys’ shots right before the ladies arrived. 

These are the moments we aim to capture. Hugs from mama. 

Eeekkk!! Love this ladies. You all are B-E-A-UTIFUL! Dear sweet bridesmaid on the far right, thanks for letting me ride in your car!

Gah! Nikki! Soooo pretty! 

This precious flower girl made it to the end of the aisle and was told to sit down. She realized she hadn’t used all her flower petals yet and dumped them all right there before taking her seat! 

Told ya that Bobby wore the smile so well! When you reach the end of the blog, you can watch their Instagram video where these two give each other a pretty epic high five during the ceremony. It reminds me of all the high fives Monica and Chandler gave each other in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

With all their flower girls and ring bearers – 13 total! That’s a record for us. (See friends, you can do whatever you want on your wedding day. No rules.) 

They were married at the Vigo County Fairgrounds in Terre Haute, Indiana and had such a supportive and enthusiastic wedding party!

See the groomsmen by Nikki? That’s Matt from Sarah and Matt’s wedding. That’s how Nikki and Bobby found us. So thankful for friends.  We were watching the weather all day. The forecast showed rain immediately after the ceremony, but then it was pushed until after family photos. Then it was pushed until after wedding party photos. And THEN it was time for Nikki and Bobby’s photos and…look!!…it wasn’t raining yet! So we quickly snapped away. 

These two had a super sweet intimate ceremony with close family and friends and then invited hundreds of guests to their reception to celebrate with them. I can understand why they have so many friends because they are such genuinely kind people.

Hands, yes please. 

Ooh, ooh! A favorite. 

Oh, look! Another favorite. Can’t get rockin’ images at the fairgrounds? Psshhh!! Missed their engagement pictures? Click here to view them.

Lookin’ good in that suit, Bobby.

So beautiful, Nikki!

Those storm clouds started rolling in, so we took one last shot and started making our way to their reception. 

You don’t need a fancy place to sign your marriage license; you’ll be married no matter where you sign it. 

They made quite an entrance! 

Bobby’s mom getting a shot of the new Mr. & Mrs.


First dance. 

First dance with their mothers. 

What a fun reception it was! 

They danced the night away. 

Nikki and Bobby,

You both are such kind, thoughtful, and cheerful individuals. What a perfect fit! #nikkibobby for the win! It was truly a wonderful day. We can’t thank you enough for your patience.

Caitlynn & Nick

LOVE the fact that one of their ring bearers followed us around to get his own pictures. I think he’s framing the shot below. On the left, ring bearer getting his shots. In the middle, Nick getting his shots. On the right, Chloe (our Instagram helper), getting her shots.

Look who it is – Nikki+Bobby (2017 bride+groom) on the left, Sarah+Matt (2016 bride+groom) in the middle, and us on the right. Thanks for letting us get a quick picture together!

Click HERE to view this couple’s behind-the-scene Instagram Story from their day! (You can follow us on Instagram by clicking here or at @mccameraphotography)