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Jennifer and James are back on the blog for their wedding! They were married in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Jennifer’s sister, Jessica, did her makeup. 

Her flower girl was such a mature little lady. 

In case you don’t know, Jennifer was my roommate in college for all four years I was there! So yeah, this was a pretty special wedding for us. 

Inside story about that chicken delivery! You should have been there! 

The girls. 

The guys.  (They got ready at Jennifer and James’ apartment.) Looking at baseball cards. 

James helping his dad with those buttons. 

Notice that Cubs sign in the background? That’s where we took their engagement pictures – at The Great American Ballpark! 

Back to the ladies. 

While they were waiting, they had a staring contest. 

That’s Jennifer’s mom on the right helping with the finishing touches of her dress. 

Say hello to Jennifer’s sister!
This girl has a crazy good memory. She can remember ANY date. Ask her your birthday – she knows it. 

Eeekkkk!!! So beautiful, Jennifer! You looked gorgeous! 

First look with Dad. 

And first look with James. Look at that reaction! If you know James, he’s not a big smiler, but he couldn’t contain his happiness when he saw Jennifer. 

Guys, I love your portraits. 

Again, look how beautiful! 

Get ready! You guys are about to get married! 

James and his groomsmen! 

Bow tie for the win! 

On the left that’s a picture of Laura, Jennifer and me. We all graduated from the University of Southern Indiana together, and the three of us were roommates for most of our years there. I could not have been more excited when Jennifer asked me to photograph her wedding, and then she said, “but I also want you to be a bridesmaid.” We did it! Props to Nick for shooting most of this wedding!  (P.S. – I was a bridesmaid in Laura’s wedding AND photographed it with Nick as well. Phew! You girls like giving me challenges.)

Love this one! 

The whole gang! 

Wedding party, you guys were fantastic! 

With the moms! 

Then it was time to get married! 

James’ dad had planned on officiating the ceremony but had a heart attack about a week before the wedding. We’re so thankful he was okay, but since he wasn’t up to full speed, they had someone else officiate it. That didn’t stop his dad from participating in the main parts of the ceremony like pronouncing them husband and wife! 

They did it!

Toasts by Jennifer’s sister and James’ best friend, Ron. Sending so much love to the family and friends of Ron as he unexpectedly passed away a few weeks ago. 

First dance. 

First dance with Dad. Jennifer surprised her dad by choosing the song “A Tale as Old as Time” from Beauty and the Beast since that is what they danced to when she was a little girl. 

First dance with Mom. This lady was done with her shoes and threw them off!

Many surprises at this wedding! James surprised Jennifer with quite a dance before the garter toss.

James’ mother tried to dance with as many men as she could that night! She grabbed Jessica’s boyfriend here. 

The parents! I got to know Jennifer’s parents throughout college, and they are super sweet people! 

Who wouldn’t want to be their friends?! 

Grandma even hit the dance floor! 

Belting out some tunes! 

We haven’t taken a shot like this in a while. Love it! 

Last dance. 

And as everyone was leaving, I asked Jennifer and James if we could take one last picture right here. They agreed! 

Jennifer and James,

Thank you for asking us to photograph such an important day in your life. We’re so happy you two found each other. Love ya!

Caitlynn & Nick 

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