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Jennifer and James are back on the blog for their wedding! They were married in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Jennifer’s sister, Jessica, did her makeup. 

Her flower girl was such a mature little lady. 

In case you don’t know, Jennifer was my roommate in college for all four years I was there! So yeah, this was a pretty special wedding for us. 

Inside story about that chicken delivery! You should have been there! 

The girls. 

The guys.  (They got ready at Jennifer and James’ apartment.) Looking at baseball cards. 

James helping his dad with those buttons. 

Notice that Cubs sign in the background? That’s where we took their engagement pictures – at The Great American Ballpark! 

Back to the ladies. 

While they were waiting, they had a staring contest. 

That’s Jennifer’s mom on the right helping with the finishing touches of her dress. 

Say hello to Jennifer’s sister!
This girl has a crazy good memory. She can remember ANY date. Ask her your birthday – she knows it. 

Eeekkkk!!! So beautiful, Jennifer! You looked gorgeous! 

First look with Dad. 

And first look with James. Look at that reaction! If you know James, he’s not a big smiler, but he couldn’t contain his happiness when he saw Jennifer. 

Guys, I love your portraits. 

Again, look how beautiful! 

Get ready! You guys are about to get married! 

James and his groomsmen! 

Bow tie for the win! 

On the left that’s a picture of Laura, Jennifer and me. We all graduated from the University of Southern Indiana together, and the three of us were roommates for most of our years there. I could not have been more excited when Jennifer asked me to photograph her wedding, and then she said, “but I also want you to be a bridesmaid.” We did it! Props to Nick for shooting most of this wedding!  (P.S. – I was a bridesmaid in Laura’s wedding AND photographed it with Nick as well. Phew! You girls like giving me challenges.)

Love this one! 

The whole gang! 

Wedding party, you guys were fantastic! 

With the moms! 

Then it was time to get married! 

James’ dad had planned on officiating the ceremony but had a heart attack about a week before the wedding. We’re so thankful he was okay, but since he wasn’t up to full speed, they had someone else officiate it. That didn’t stop his dad from participating in the main parts of the ceremony like pronouncing them husband and wife! 

They did it!

Toasts by Jennifer’s sister and James’ best friend, Ron. Sending so much love to the family and friends of Ron as he unexpectedly passed away a few weeks ago. 

First dance. 

First dance with Dad. Jennifer surprised her dad by choosing the song “A Tale as Old as Time” from Beauty and the Beast since that is what they danced to when she was a little girl. 

First dance with Mom. This lady was done with her shoes and threw them off!

Many surprises at this wedding! James surprised Jennifer with quite a dance before the garter toss.

James’ mother tried to dance with as many men as she could that night! She grabbed Jessica’s boyfriend here. 

The parents! I got to know Jennifer’s parents throughout college, and they are super sweet people! 

Who wouldn’t want to be their friends?! 

Grandma even hit the dance floor! 

Belting out some tunes! 

We haven’t taken a shot like this in a while. Love it! 

Last dance. 

And as everyone was leaving, I asked Jennifer and James if we could take one last picture right here. They agreed! 

Jennifer and James,

Thank you for asking us to photograph such an important day in your life. We’re so happy you two found each other. Love ya!

Caitlynn & Nick 


Meet Torie and Skylar! We photographed their engagement session at Pumpkin Works in Illinois!

If you haven’t been there, you must go! It’s such a cool place with hayrides, corn mazes, animals, lots of yummy treats, and of course, pumpkins. 

Loving this shot of you two. 

They asked if their engagement session could take place at Pumpkin Works. Why of course! What a great idea! 

Torie, you are so beautiful. 

Nick’s shot on the left and mine on the right. 

Yep, it’s all about the hands. 

It was such a nice day! 

These next few in the wooded area seem so magical. 

We found what seemed to be an abandoned truck, so….we used it!  

A favorite!!

Yes, Skylar! Keep looking at your lady that way!

I saw this swing from behind, and I totally thought someone was sitting in it. 

Oh, oh! Another favorite. 

This wonderful couple found us through Kelli and Adler! Awe, we love it when this happens and appreciate it so much! 

All that color below – YES! The orange and yellow. Everything screams fall. (I especially love all those shades of purple in your outfits though.) 

We even met some friendly bunnies.

Then we started our journey through the corn maze.

These two were seriously so much fun! 

Getting lost in a corn maze can be a lot of fun if you’re with the right person.


Oh wow!! You guys sure did rock this! 

Torie and Skylar,

Friends, thanks for being such a blast to spend the evening with at Pumpkin Works. I’m so glad you chose such a fun location to get engagement pictures. Thank you for all of your patience!

Caitlynn & Nick

Nick was trying to capture the magic between Torie and Skylar, and I may have ruined it. 


Meet Jaszlyne! This pretty lady is a senior at Northview High School in Brazil, Indiana.

I’m just loving that scarf! 

One of my favorites, Jaszlyne! 

If you had an extra $100 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do? “Probably save it.”

Favorite breakfast food: pancakes.

We traveled around Greencastle for her shoot. If you follow our blogs, you’ve seen this famous wall before. 

It was a cold day, friends. 

Gorgeous, girl! 

Eeekk!! Another favorite! Love everything about this. The colors. That smile. 

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? “Purple/Olive Green.”

Woo hoo! The sun came out for a bit to warm us up. 

Favorite place: Florida.  (I wish we had the Florida temperature for your session!)

Those eyes! 

You can only watch one TV show the rest of your life. Which one is it? “Pretty Little Liars”

Favorite thing about yourself: creative.

Jaszlyne’s one request was a glitter shot. Love how it turned out! 

What do you hope to be doing in 20 years? “Going to Paul Mitchell’s, modeling, and starting a booth with my own business.”


Thanks for putting up with the cold temperatures and rocking your shoot! Enjoy the last semester of your senior year, and we wish you all the best at Paul Mitchell’s!

Caitlynn & Nick


Laura and Logan are back to celebrate Everly June and Reagan Jo’s first birthday in Columbus, Indiana!

Ladybug themed! 

Even with ladybug bows! I’m pretty sure that Laura made them! 

Love this shot. Mom and Dad getting ready to give the cakes to Everly and Reagan. 

It was a full house filled with family, friends, and plenty of love! 

Time to dig in! Or take small bites…whatever you prefer. 

We can’t leave out Ben. Meet big brother! Don’t worry – he was able to chow down too.

Grandma on the left snapping some pictures, and grandma on the right making sure that cake doesn’t end up on the floor. 

That’s Everly on the left and Reagan on the right! And I only know that because Laura (AKA: Mom) commented on our Facebook post to let me know.

P.S. – It took me forever to make sure I actually had Everly AND Reagan in the pictures below before I posted to Facebook. I had to keep referencing that full black and white picture above where you can see Reagan and Everly at the same time. “Okay, if I’m facing them, one of them has a ladybug near her on the right while the other one has a ladybug above her on the left. Wait, I can’t see any ladybugs in this picture. Okay, the sign is to the right of her…”

Yep, that’s what was going on inside my head. It reminded me of one of those riddles we had to complete in elementary school. “If May’s daughter’s daughter is my granddaughter’s mother’s mother’s brother’s sister, then what am I to May?”As you can tell by the end result of these cakes, they have very different personalities.
Clean up time! 

Next, they opened presents! Well, Mom and Dad opened presents, and Everly June and Reagan Jo helped. 

You guys! That face! Those eyes! 

So I’m totally crossing my fingers and hoping I don’t have ALL pictures of Reagan or ALL pictures of Everly in here…because I have no idea. 

Ben joined the fun too! 

Love this gift! Clothes, diapers, etc. for the girls, a Disney Cars toy for Ben, and wine for Laura and Logan! 

Ben moved the party outside to play with one of his new toys! 

Big hugs for small people. 

Then Everly and Reagan joined the outdoor fun! 

I can totally tell you who is who here! 

Love, love, love that family shot on the right! 

And of course, this one! 

Laura, Logan, Ben, Everly, and Reagan,

Thanks for letting me capture all the fun of a first birthday party! Loved the day, love your kiddos, love you guys. While waiting on your images, thank you for having the patience of someone ready to wait at the DMV!



Jodi and Alex are back with their daughter, PAYTON!

This family – gah! I can’t get enough. 

What a doll! Am I right? 

Anyone recognize where we are? Yep, we’re on ISU’s campus. 

Makes me so happy when we capture little moments like this. 

At the time of this shoot, Payton was almost one year old.

She’s not only a smiler, but an explorer too! 

This is the third time we’ve photographed Jodi and Alex. First their engagement in 2014, then their wedding in 2015, and now with sweet Payton! Check out that kiss from mama on Payton’s cheek there!

Gah! All those smiles! So much happiness.

Watch out, Dad! 

I just adore these next two of Payton. 

Then we grabbed a few individuals with Mom and a few with Dad. I cannot get over how stinkin’ happy your sweet girl was! 

Break time! Dad giving her a drink while mom catches the dribbles. 

Look at those pants! 

One more “looking-at-the-camera picture.” Hello there, picture perfect family! 

Break time #2! This time mom’s giving her a drink, and dad’s catching the dribbles. 

Then it was time for some fun! I feel like this shot represents real life. At this point, we’ve lost the bow along with one shoe (don’t worry – Mom has them!). Mom’s watching from the side a little cautiously while Dad throws Payton into the air. And sweet Payton is having the time of her life with no worries at all!

High fives for Mom and Dad! 

Then it was time for some one-on-one time with Mom and Dad. 

Gah! You guys are the sweetest! 

Jodi, you look STUNNING, as always! 

Giving a shout-out to Grandma and Grandpa for watching Payton while we grabbed some shots of Jodi and Alex! They’re pretty awesome.  

Dying just a bit over these last few images.

Jodi, Alex, and Payton,

It’s always a pleasure to photograph you guys. Thanks for asking us to capture sweet Payton. She is a doll! We hope Payton keeps giving those high fives and you two keep on loving each other like you do!

Caitlynn & Nick

We were able to capture several of those “Payton smiles” because Grandma and Grandpa were behind us doing their Grandma and Grandpa thing!