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Smith Family

Meet the Smith family! I could not adore this family more! Start scrolling. You’ll see.

Their family session took place on Valerie’s (mom to the four kiddos below) parents’ land. 

It was unexpectedly COLD that day, but this family powered through it. 

Gah!! You all know how much I love sky images. 

The Lion King anyone??  Mom and dad holding their newest addition to the family – Jacob.

There he is!! Jacob was about five months old when I took these pictures. 

I’ve had the privilege of photographing all the girls in this family this past summer for an SOS (Serving on the Streets) event, and I may have fallen in love with this family then! 

Oh sweet sisters! 

In front of Valerie’s parents’ barn. 

Eeekkk!!! A favorite. 

I think Kate is getting a little tired. (Don’t worry. I have a shot where everyone’s smiling.)

Next, we grabbed some individuals. Meet Maddie! She is in sixth grade but seems incredibly mature. Always helping out with her younger brother and sisters.

So pretty, Maddie! 

Valerie, you are absolutely gorgeous. 

We must get some with mom and dad. 

Meet Ellie! This cutie is in kindergarten, but guess what? I would have guessed she was so much older! Whenever I gave directions, she was there for her younger sister, showing her what to do. 

I adore this image of her!

Let’s face it. I love ALL these images. 

That beautiful bracelet wrapped around mom’s wrist says, “Be still.” 

That smile!! 

And….meet Kate! You cannot hang out with Kate without laughing! 

See? What did I tell ya!? 

A favorite of this three- (and a half) year-old.  

Some face time with mom. 

Some face time with dad. 

It became too cold for little Jacob to be outside, so we finished his pictures indoors.  (That outfit!!) 

Ending with mom and dad (AKA – Valerie and Derek).

As I scrolled through Valerie’s Facebook page to make sure I had the correct spellings of her kiddos’ names, I read a post that Derek left for her. Instead of me trying to describe these two people, I thought it was easier to explain their relationship through his post.

“I love this woman more than words can convey. She is my best friend and my soulmate. She is my biggest supporter and my rock. She is the best mother to our children. She has a heart for people and most importantly for Jesus. Did I mention she is gorgeous, beautiful,amazing ?!?! Everyday when I awake next to her I am just as amazed and smitten as I was 15 years ago, actually more and more each day.”

Valerie, Derek, Maddie, Ellie, Kate, and Jacob,

Thank you for allowing me to capture this time in your life. I adore your family and your love for each other.


Click HERE to view this family’s behind-the-scene Instagram Story from their day! (You can follow us on Instagram by clicking HERE!)

Cox Family

Meet the Cox family! We photographed this wonderful family right outside grandma and grandpa’s house in Greencastle, Indiana!

How stinkin’ cute are they in those Christmas colors!?! 

That’s Brooke and her parents there on the right. 

We had to get a shot in front of DePauw University’s Observatory which was built in the 1800’s. 

Just grandma and grandpa! That shot on the right is one of my favorites!

Meet Brooke and Brian (AKA – mom and dad) and Josie and Henry (AKA – brother and sister). 

You guys are perfecto! 

Okay, this image just stopped me in my tracks. I’m obsessed with it! So beautiful! 

These kids!! Ahh!!! 

Henry, you are a handsome young man. 

The girls on the left and the guys on the right.

Some shots with grandma and grandpa! 

The forecast showed rain this evening, so we had plans to take these family pictures inside grandma and grandpa’s house, but that rain held off!

The whole crew once again! 

Anyone see a photo bomber?? 

Henry and Josie were fairly quiet and reserved for most of the session, but by the end their true personalities came out! YES! These last few are my favorite!

Cox Family,

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your wonderful family! I’m so glad I was able to meet you all and photograph this time in your life. Go order those beautiful Christmas cards!


Dravigne Family

Meet the Dravigne family! This wonderful family jumped on our schedule for some pictures together before the holidays!

That’s Elicia there in the middle sitting between her parents. Thanks for organizing the session, Elicia! 

Just the grandkids with grandma and grandpa! 

Eeekk!! One of my favorites. Love the way grandma and grandpa are looking at each other. 

The Dravigne family! Yes, please! Love this crew. 

We photographed them in Elicia’s parents’ backyard. They had a campfire going behind me. 

Another favorite!

Meet Evan! I had the honor of having this guy in class when I taught middle school. (Also, a shout-out to Evan for running my Instagram Story during this shoot!) 

Meet Mase! If you’ve been following us, you probably recognize him. We photographed his senior pictures last year!

Meet Mila! This cutie is the sweetest. I adore that smile! 

Brothers and sister!

Mom and dad, we must get some pictures of just you two! You guys look good! 

Favorite!! Those arms wrapped around each other. Yes!

A cousin picture? Absolutely!

This pretty little lady has some sass! 

Ohhhh, that image on the right! 

Just the guys and just the girls. 

I’m so glad we snapped a brother shot. 

And a mother/daughter shot on the right! 

Oh man! Look at these! I’m so glad they both wrapped their arm around their mom. 

Dravigne Family,

Thank you for once again asking me to photograph you all! The absolute best compliment we receive is being asked to photograph a family again! Your family makes my heart so happy.



Pruitt Family

Meet the Pruitt family! Oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a session. If you need a pick-me-up, go hang out with these guys for an evening! 

We photographed them at the DePauw Nature Park in Greencastle, Indiana. 

You guys!! Your outfits are perfection. 

Gotta get a shoe shot! 

Let me tell you – this family came prepared! They brought their mirror and trash bags to put coats and clothes in since it was a bit damp out. It rained for the most of the morning/day, but the forecast showed that the rain would be gone in time for their session. It was! 

Can I please photograph you guys every day?! 

Meet Heath and Ann! They both work at schools. Heath is a counselor at a middle/high school while Ann is a music teacher at an elementary school. 

Meet Laura and Tim! With those smiles, you both need to be in an ad for Crest toothpaste. 

And meet Dee and Harry! These two are Heath and Laura’s parents. (Okay, I think I’m jealous of all your scarves.) 

Gah! This family! 

They were up for anything!! 

See? I told ya! Anything! (I’m loving the attitude in this shot.) 

This was a bit of a surprise to some people. You can catch the video clip of what happened at the end of the blog.  

Remember when I told you that this family was prepared? They even brought a tarp to place under their blanket so it wouldn’t get wet. 

You guys look incredible! 

One of my favorites!! 

Can’t forget to snap those hand-holding shots. 

Gah! I love this one too!

Laura, your hair! I’m obsessed. 

Ann made this blanket for Heath several years ago. 

Ann, I adore the way you are smiling here! So pretty! 

Same moment. Nick’s shot on the left and mine on the right.

Dee and Harry’s kids gifted them this session. How sweet are you guys!

The four “kids” on the left and the whole family on the right. 

I can’t get over these next few. 

*Insert heart eye emojis everywhere if I knew how. 

Tim picked Laura up and asked if we could get a shot of them like that since that is something they often do. Then I turn around and see Ann picking Heath up! 

We were all finished with pictures when I remembered we didn’t get a brother/sister picture or one of them with just their parents. Snap! Got it! 

Dee, Harry, Ann, Heath, Laura, and Tim,

THANK YOU all for having so much energy, enthusiasm, and excitement! It was an absolute honor to photograph each one of you.

Caitlynn & Nick


That’s me grabbing a whole family shot while Chloe gets some footage for an Instagram Story which you can view below.

Hey there, Nick! 

Click HERE to view this family’s behind-the-scene Instagram Story from their day! (You can follow us on Instagram @mccameraphotography)

Pearson Family

Meet the Pearson family! This wonderful crew scheduled some family photos since their son was coming home from the Air Force for a few days. 

Grandma and grandpa even joined in! (If you can’t tell, we started our session on DePauw’s campus. That’s where their grandpa worked for most of his life!) 

The whole gang! 

Meet Gavin and his girlfriend, Amanda! (NOW WIFE! Congrats, guys!) Seriously, how cute are they?!

Thank you for your service, Gavin. 

Meet the stunning Tiffany and Pete there on the left – mom and dad to these three kids. 

*In my best Chandler, from F.R.I.E.N.D.S voice*  Could this family BE any more beautiful?!!

They were an absolute blast to photograph! 

The day after this session these two lovebirds got married! 

Gavin’s friend came to visit him while he was home. 

Whatcha whispering? 

I don’t know what is it is about it, but I just love me a good family shoe picture. 

Stop it!! You guys! 

Can we just put you in a magazine now?

Some individual shots? Why, of course! 

Hey there, mom and dad! Thanks for being down with our wacky ideas. (P.S. – You two look incredible.)

Since Gavin just came home AND was getting married the next day, we just had to give these two a mini, mini engagement session.  (Amanda, so pretty!!)

Gah! Cuteness overload. 

Just the girls. 

And just the guys. 

Ending with one of my favorites!

Oh Pearson family!

I can’t say enough good things about you all! Thanks for traveling from Plainfield to get those family photos. You all were such a pleasure to photograph and hang out with! We’re sending many hugs your way.

Caitlynn & Nick