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Meet Shelby and Nick (again!)  I’m sure you remember them from their engagement session.

Those shoes!  Yes, please.

Shelby and her bridesmaids got all dolled up in the home where she grew up.

Checking out the makeup with her bridesmaids.

Her mom wanted to get her own picture of Shelby once her hair was finished.  I don’t blame her one bit!

Everyone’s ready!

I may have posted more images than I normally do, but girls, you all look so good that I couldn’t narrow it down!

I believe the bridesmaid to the right of Shelby suggested this shot.  Nice work!

Moving on to the guys!

Nick’s reading a letter Shelby gave him.

And here’s the gift he received from his soon-to-be wife.

N for Nick??

Groomsmen and ushers.  Such a great group!

Her mom and sister helped her with her dress.

As she was walking out to have a first look with Nick, her grandmother pulled up.  Priceless expression.

It’s happening!

Things got a little emotional.

These two met at Indiana State University and even took classes together.  Nick said he pretended to misunderstand the class material and texted Shelby for help.

You both look stunning.  STUNNING!

Nick proposed to Shelby at a concert during the song “Mean to Me” by Brett Eldredge.  Click to give it a listen while you scroll.

First look with dad.

SHELBY!  Dying over your beauty.  Yes, dying!

I’m loving the Goat Club sign.

Such beauties.

Yes, THIS is a wedding party!  Looks like Brown Team is really rocking it.

On the left:  If anyone needs a couple of parking attendants, these two have the job down!  On the right:  This hilarious and sweet couple created the wreath you see specifically for Shelby and Nick’s day.

Dad’s fluffing his daughter’s dress before they go down the aisle together.

They were married at the Shrine Country Club in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Like mother like daughter.

This is the second time we’ve photographed a wedding where communion took place.

So much happiness!

Time for a receiving line.

I snapped the image on the right at Shelby’s house.  Her mom and dad on their wedding day next to Shelby and Nick on their wedding day.

Nick made sure to walk in with quite an entrance!  My shot on the left; Nick’s on the right.

We ask our couples if they want us to steal them away from their reception for ten minutes for some sunset pictures.  These two couldn’t pass up this beauty.

Speeches!  See that picture hanging on the wall in the back?  That’s from Shelby and Nick’s engagement session.  Makes my heart so happy to see pictures printed.

First dance.

Mother-son and father-daughter.

Let the dancing begin!

One of Shelby’s friends couldn’t attend the wedding because she was in Japan, but that didn’t stop Shelby from FaceTime dancing with her!  Sometimes technology is pretty cool.

You might recognize this sweet couple, Emily and Jordan, from their engagement session.

Photo booth!

If you read our Facebook post, THIS is the guy who told us we had to get outside and take a picture of Shelby and Nick with the moon since it was so big and bright.

Watch out.  We got a ladies’ man on the dance floor!

Hi, Lucas!  On the right:  I’m not sure whether he’s trying to unbutton the shirt or button it back up.

Last dance.

Shelby and Nick,

We cannot express how much we appreciate your patience.  You have the best family and friends, and we could not have loved your day any more!  Thank you for sharing your love and grace with us.

Caitlynn & Nick


February 21, 2017 - 11:02 am

Bobbi - LOOOVE everything about this wedding!! The bride looks stunning 🙂 Especially love those silhouette shots. Awesome work friend! High fives all around!! 😀

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